Day out with K

Thankful for this blessing! I was late as I (unsurprisingly) lost my way to the trampoline park. The staff there were friendly and helpful! I jumped as far as my legs could get me and it was all very tiring and sweaty. My forward somersaults were something I’m really proud of but my ability to do them effortlessly made me wonder; why am I more anxious in doing other seemingly less scary stuff than in conquering that ubiquitous phobia of forward spins? Same goes for rollercoasters. I don’t get myself sometimes.

Next was our lunch at Toby Estate. We ordered eggs benedict each and chatted profusely. We exchanged details about our recent trips in which we went with other friends. Also we dreamed about our future paths, but with little enlightenment. She craved for ice cream almost immediately and thus we walked all the way to clarke quay to search for it. And… to our great disappointment and slight amusement a big giant ice-cream-in-a-cone; a plastic one, mind you, greeted us. There was no actual ice cream in sight. The shop was closed. Oh well. So we proceeded to orchard.

A few “mandatory” walk-in-didn’t-buy-anything-walk-out scenarios in shops exacerbated our hunger a lot. Hence our sudden desire to eat bingsu and chill. Where else better than ice lab? We shared one and started HTHT. She told me about her amusing but cringey encounters with some of her male friends. And then in retrospect we hypothesised that the reason why men are often hornier is hormone-related. I really want to research on this. I’m curious as to why men are often the initiator of those gestures of intimacy, those sexual advances. Another related question is why are rapists often male, not female? And we talked a lot about relationships… how they often don’t work. To be single and free from the burden of potential heartbreaks and other complicated issues in a relationship is something we reluctantly but religiously aspire.

Here’s to friendship.


pallid waterfall

(sorry for the abrupt ending I’m quite tired now)


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