So 2 days ago I had a 1hr full body massage. My mum was with me the whole afternoon hence I followed her to her hair salon in which she scheduled an evening appointment. She gave me $50 for a full body massage near there while she did her hair treatment. I settled on one shop. In the room, the wall had a sign that read “We do not condone any sexual activities. Violators will be reported to the police.”

Anyway, the masseuse¬†massaged my feet, calf, thighs and butt. She moved on to the upper body parts — my back and shoulder. I was lying down the whole while. Then following her instructions I turned over for her to massage the front. She started with the bottom first. Then my stomach. It felt a bit ticklish, but I could handle it. And then… she massaged my boobs. OK WOW. It felt surprisingly good HAHAHA but ofc I didn’t verbalise it. The boob part was really short though. Idk if most shops do boobs? And was it a violation of some kind? I don’t think so actually. It wasn’t sexual, it was more of sensual? If there’s a difference? Plus she spent literally 10 seconds on it. HAHA being a shameless twat here but I really like it when the masseuse does both my boobs and butt!



pallid waterfall


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