Don’t be a feminazi, be a feminist

“But…what about the men?” There are many misconceptions behind feminism and there’s often an ambiguous line between what feminism entails and what being a feminazi is. Merrian-Webster dictionary defines feminism as “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes”; Oxford describes it as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes”.

Feminism is about justice. That all are born the same (both sexes), does not mean all are treated equally by society. Women are often derided and deprived of suffrage (relatively not a prevalent problem now ever since the First-wave feminism).  VAW is still pervasive especially in 3rd World countries; honour killings and lack of abortion-rights are forms of injustice perpetuated systematically, and often on a daily basis in some countries. The glass ceiling in which women are stereotyped to be ineffectual economic units is a huge testament of the sheer barrier to advancement and progression. First world countries are no exception to the deprivation of women’s rights. Generally, such countries face injustice in rarer, albeit more insidious and implicit forms. Casual jokes and some social conventions conceal implicit acts of discrimination against women. Media perpetuates archetypes of damsels in distress dependent on their male counterparts to save them. (but ofc I do not deny the rise of feminism in media) Then again… The rise of Donald Trump has awoken many feminist souls around the world. Feminism believes in correcting the injustice done to women and educating the importance of equality between both sexes. Feminists endorse the idea of providing justice to the victimized sex, be it male or female. It accords respect towards the oppressed sex, proportionate to the amount of discrimination it faces.

Hatred towards males, often in the extreme form, does not define feminism. Instead, it shapes a separate, distinct ideology altogether — a radical form of feminism. Feminazis believe in an extremist form of ideology. They are more often than not, nothing more than bigots. While feminism believes in tolerance between the two sexes, feminazis support the suppression of male rights as a form of retribution. And they often believe in superiority of their own kind and are keen in asserting it over males.

This is nothing but hypocrisy. The notion of treating males unjustly as retribution due to discrimination against women is a manifestation of double standard. Demonisation of males is not the right, moral way to address discrimination against females. Let’s celebrate diversity and exercise temperance instead.


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